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Versatile and powerful Wakebreaker marine and sump pump batteries

Staab Batteries Wakebreaker marine and sump batteries with worry free performance to get the job done. Whether you need a flooded marine deep cycle battery or a sealed Gel or AGM, Staab Battery carries the variety and quality you have come to expect. We have a full range of products for marine, RV, sump pump and any deep cycle need. Consider adding Thermoil to your flooded batteries and make them virtually maintenance free.

Deep Cycle, Marine, Sump Pump, Standby Power Batteries, Wake Breaker Brand

Code Name Price  
Gel-24 Group-24 Gelled Electrolyte $260.80
Gel-27-F Group 27 Gelled Electrolyte $289.46
ST-105 Group 27DC Deep Cycle $126.50
ST-130 Group 27DC Deep Cycle $134.30
ST-145 Group 31DC Deep Cycle $164.40
GPL-24T-L Lifeline GPL-24T Deep Cycle Marine & RV Battery $358.30
GPL-27T-L Lifeline GPL-27T Deep Cycle Marine & RV Battery $406.50
GPL-31T-L Lifeline GPL-31T Deep Cycle Marine & RV Battery $426.90
UB12750-24-V UB12750(24) Universal (12V 75 AH Z-Nut & Bolt/Post) SLA/AGM $179.20
UB12750-INS-V UB12750(24) Universal (12V 75 AH B-2 Insert Terminal) SLA/AGM $179.20
UB121100-V UB121100 (31) Universal (12V 110 AH Flag) SLA/AGM $218.90
UB121100-INS-V UB121100-INS (31) Universal (12V 110 AH B-2 Internal Threaded Post) SLA/AGM $218.90