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Commercial batteries severe service requirements demand a battery that is designed for the application. Our Dura Master line will deliver the power you need to meet the demands of this tough environment. Whether on the farm, commercial service or the factory floor you can count on the Dura Master line to give you the power you need when you need it.

Our Dura Master brand features:
  • Enveloped Plates to reduce dead cells
  • Radial Grid design with centerline lugs for improved current flow
  • Heavy duty thru the partition welds for a shorter current path
  • Built in Spark Arrestors in caps reduce explosion hazard
  • Large liquid reserve above plates decreases need to water battery
  • Plates designed for low gassing which decreases need to water battery
  • Terminals designed to reduce acid seepage for cleaner corrosion free terminals

Commercial, Farm Tractor, Factory and Industrial Heavy Duty Batteries, Dura Master Brand

Code Name Price  
117-S Group 1 $107.00
220 Group 2 $100.80
303 Group 30H $146.80
320 Group 3EH $136.20
330 Group 2E $264.20
370 Group 3EE $131.20
390 Group 3ET $137.00
420 Group 4D $234.30
422 Group 4 $139.60
525 Group 5D $144.20
811 Group 1-8V $118.60
829 Group 8D $287.70
991 Group 17TF $381.60
992 Group 4DLT $203.10