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Staab Battery's Pro-Pel line for golf carts has the power, durability and run time needed to give you hours of use. Consider adding Thermoil to your batteries and make them virtually maintenance free.

Our Pro-Pel brand features:
  • Thru the partition welds for improved power and low resistance
  • Fiberglass mat separators to reduce plate shedding
  • Dense active material for longer service life
  • Deep Cycle construction - thicker plates
  • Built in Spark Arrestors in caps reduce explosion hazard
  • Large liquid reserve above plates decreases need to water battery
  • Plates designed for low gassing which decreases need to water
  • Terminals designed to reduce acid seepage for cleaner, corrosion free terminals
  • High Cycle Life

Electric Golf Cart, RV Batteries, Pro-Pel Brand

Code Name Price  
223 Group GC2 6 Volt Golf Cart $151.30
250 Group GC2 6 Volt Golf Cart $164.30
218 Group GC2 8 Volt Golf Cart $167.80
GPL-4CT-L Lifeline GPL-4CT Deep Cycle Marine & RV Battery $423.60
GPL-6CT-L Lifeline GPL-6CT Deep Cycle Marine & RV Battery $533.90
TR-T-105 T-105 Trojan Battery $220.20
TR-T-125 T-125 Trojan Battery $259.90
TR-T-145 T-145 Trojan Battery $292.50
TR-T-875 T-875 Trojan Battery $230.10