Accepted Payments

Lifeline Batteries produces the highest quality AGM batteries for Marine/Boat and RV/Recreational Vehicle applications. Each sealed lead acid Marine/RV battery is hand crafted in the United States.
For the past 15 years, Lifeline Battery has been a leader in research, development and production of sealed lead acid batteries for the US Navy and US Air Force. Their current LIFELINE series is designed for marine, RV ( Recreational Vehicles), UPS, inverter stand-by and photovoltaic applications in order to correct many of the shortcomings of the sealed gel (GEL-CELL) batteries. LIFELINE AGM construction maintains the sealed aspects of gel batteries while reducing their chronic recharge sensitivity. In addition, LIFELINE AGM technology increases Amp-Hrs., Cranking Performance, Reserve Capacity, Depth of Cycle and Cycle Life over gel technology.

Lifeline AGM Batteries for Deep Cycle Use, Starting Marine Use & RV Applications

Code Name Price  
GPL-24T-L Lifeline GPL-24T Deep Cycle Marine & RV Battery $312.00
GPL-27T-L Lifeline GPL-27T Deep Cycle Marine & RV Battery $353.90
GPL-30HT Lifeline GPL-30HT Deep Cycle Battery $517.90
GPL-31T-L Lifeline GPL-31T Deep Cycle Marine & RV Battery $371.60
GPL-31XT Lifeline GPL-31XT Deep Cycle Battery $431.90
GPL-4DL-L Lifeline GPL-4DL Deep Cycle Marine & RV Battery $618.20
GPL-4DA-L Lifeline GPL-4DA Deep Cycle Marine & RV Battery $611.00
GPL-8DA-L Lifeline GPL-8DA Deep Cycle Marine & RV Battery $728.30
GPL-8DL-L Lifeline GPL-8DL Deep Cycle Marine & RV Battery $737.70
GPL-U1T-L Lifeline GPL-U1T Deep Cycle Marine & RV Battery $149.10
GPL-4CT-L Lifeline GPL-4CT Deep Cycle Marine & RV Battery $368.80
GPL-6CT-L Lifeline GPL-6CT Deep Cycle Marine & RV Battery $464.80
GPL-L16T-L Lifeline GPL-L16T Deep Cycle Battery $691.30
GPL-1400T-L Lifeline GPL-1400T Starting Marine & RV Battery $204.90
GPL-2400T-L Lifeline GPL-2400T Starting Marine & RV Battery $304.00
GPL-2700T-L Lifeline GPL-2700T Starting Marine & RV Battery $350.70
GPL-3100T-L Lifeline GPL-3100T Starting Marine & RV Battery $393.10
GPL-4CT-2V Lifeline GPL-4CT-2V Deep Cycle Battery $389.20
GPL-6CT-2V Lifeline GPL-6CT-2V Deep Cycle Battery $493.40
GPL-L16-2V Lifeline GPL-L16-2V Deep Cycle Battery $720.10
GPL-31T-2V Lifeline GPL-31T-2V Deep Cycle Battery $391.80