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SLA Battery Cross Reference

Sealed Lead Acid / AGM Batteries 

Staab Battery Powersonic CSB Panasonic Yuasa GS / Portalac Kung Long MK East Penn Haze Universal Union BB Battery
UB610 PS-610       PE6V1 WP1-6     UB610   BP1.0-6
UB613 PS-612 GP613 LC-R01R3P NP1.2-6 PE6V1.2 WP1.2-6 ES1.2-6 HZS6-1.3 UB613 MX-06012 BP1.2-6
UB620         PE6V2 WP2-6     UB620    
UB632 PS-632       PE6V3.2 WP3-6   HZS6-3.2 UB632   BP3-6
UB634 PS-630 GP633 LC-R063R4P NP3-6 PE6V3A WP3.4-6     UB634    
UB645 PS-640 GP645 LC-RB064P NP4-6, NP4.5-6, NP5-6 PE6-4 WP4-6, WP4.5-6 ES4-6 HZS6-5 UB645 MX-06040 BP4-6, BP4.5-6
UB645WL PS-640WL GP640WL   NP4-6W   WP4.5-6WL     WP645WL    
UB650S PS-650L               UB650S    
UB670 PS-670 GP672 LC-R067R2P NP7-6 PE6V6.5 WP7-6 ES7-6 HZS6-7.2 UB670 MX-06070 BP8-6H
UB685 PS-682       PE6V8 WP13-6     UB685   BP8-6V
UB6120 PS-6120 GP6120 LC-R0612P NP12-6, NP10-6 PE6V10, PE6V12 WP12-6 ES10-6, ES12-6 HZS6-10, HZS6-12 UB6120 MC-06100, MX-06120  BP10-6, BP12-6
UB6120-TOY PS-6120TOY GH6120WL       WP13-6W   HZS6-14TOY UB612O TOY   BP13-6WH
UB6420 PS-6360         WP42-6     UB6420    
UB200-6E               HZB-190      
UB830 PS-832         WP3-8     UB830    
UB1208 PS-1208     NP0.8-12 PE12V0.8 WP0.7-12WL   HZS12-0.8 UB1208    
UB1213 PS-1212 GP1213 LC-R121R3PU NP1.2-12 PE12V1.2 WP1.2-12 ES1.2-12 HZS12-1.3 UB1213 MX-12012 BP1.2-12
UB1220T       NP2-12         UB1220T    
UB1222 PS-1220 GP1222 LC-R122R2P NP2.3-12 PE12V1.9 WP1.9-12 ES1.9-12 HZS12-2.2 UB1222 MX-12020 BP2.3-12
UB1223A PS-1223 GH1223S LC-SA122R3EU     WP2.3-12     UB1223A    
UB1250 CAM     LC-SD122EU           UB1250 CAM    
UB1229T         PE12V2.7 WP2.9-12T   HZS12-2.9 UB1229T   BP3-12
UB1234 PS-1230   LC-R123R4P NP3-6     ES3-12 HZS12-3.3 UB1234   BP3.6-12
UB1250 PS-1242 GP1245 LC-RB124P NP4-12 PX12050 WP4-12 ES4-12 HZS12-5 UB1250 MX-12040 BP4.5-12
UB1250 PS-1250 GP1250 LC-R125P NPH5-12 PE12V5 WP5-12 ES5-12   UB1250   BP5-12
UB1280 PS-1270 GP1272 LC-R127R2P NP7-12 PE12V7, PX12072 WP7-12, WP7.2-12 ES7-12 HZS12-7.5 UB1270, UB1280 MX-12070 BP7-12, BP7.5-12, BP8-12
UB1290         PE12V9, PX12090 WP8-12   HZS12-9 UB1290   HR9-12
UB12100         TPH12100 WP10-12S     UB12100   BP10-12
UB12120 PS-12120 GP12120 LC-RA1212P NP12-12 PE12V12 WP12-12 ES12-12 HZS12-12 UB12120 MX-12120 BP12-12
UB13-12NE                 UB13-12NE    
UB12180 PS-12180 GP12170 LC-RD1217P NP18-12 PE12V15, PE12V17 WP17-12 ES17-12 HZB12-18, HZS12-15F UB12180 MX-12170 BP17-12
UB12260T PS-12280 GPL12280 LC-XC1228P   PE12V24 WP28-12T     UB26-12T    
UB12260 PS-12260 GP12260   NP24-12 PE12V24A, PE12-23 WP24-12 ES26-12 HZS12-26F UB12260 MX-12240 BP26-12
UB12350 PS-12330 GP12340 LC-LA1233P NP33-12   U1-34 U-1/SLA HZB12-33, HZS12-35F UB12350 MX-12310 BP33-12F
UB12500 PS12400 GP12400 LC-X1242P NP38-12 PE12V40A, PE12-40 WP38-12, U1-38 ES40-12 HZB12-44 UB12400 MX-12400 BP40-12
UB12550 PS-12550     NP55-12   WP50-12   HZB12-55 UB12550    
UB12750-24 PS-12750     NP75-12   WP75-12, WP12-280W 24 PERM HZB12-80 UB12750 MX-12600 MPL80-12
UB12900-27       NP90-12       HZB12-100 UB12900   BP90-12, MPL90-12
UB121100       NP100-12       HZB12-110   MX-121000  
1217W   HC1217W           HZS12-5HR     BP4.5-12RT
UB1221W   HC1221W     TPH12050           BP5.5-12RT
UB1225W   HC1225W                 BP7-12RT, BP6.5-12RT

KP Series are models, which correspond in size to Gates (Hawker-Cyclon) batteries of the same voltage and capacity. 

Staab Battery Powersonic CSB Panasonic Yuasa GS / Portalac Kung Long MK / East Penn Haze Universal  Gates Hawker  
KP8-4 PSG-450               UBK450 0809-0009  
KP8-4 PSG-480               UBK480 0859-0010  
KP2.5-6 PSG-625               UBK625 0819-0012  
KP5-6 PSG-650               UBK650 0809-0012  
KP8-6 PSG-680               UBK680 0859-0012  


Staab Battery Powersonic CSB Panasonic Yuasa GS / Portalac Kung Long MK / East Penn Haze  Universal    
GEL-U1           LG32-12 8GU1, MU-ASLDG HZY12-33 UBU1/GEL    
Gel-22NF           LG45-12 8G22NF, M22NFSLDG HZY12-55 UB22NF/GEL    
Gel-24           LG12280W 8G24, M24SLDG HZY12-80 UB24/GEL    
Gel-27             8G27, M27SLDG HZY12-100 UB27/GEL    
Gel-30H             8G30H   UB30H/GEL    
GEL-31           LG12390W 8G31 HZY12-110 UB31/GEL    
Gel-4D             8G4D HZY12-160 UB4D/GEL    
Gel-8D             8G8D HZY12-230 UB8D/GEL    
GEL-223             8GGC2 HZY6-180EV UBGC2/GEL