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Auto Meter Micro-Processed Battery Testers

Code Name Price  
AU_RC300 Auto Meter RC-300 Handheld SLA Battery Tester $429.95
AU_SB300 Auto Meter SB-300 Handheld Battery Tester $342.95
AU_BVA300 Auto Meter BVA-300 Handheld Electrical System Anal $425.95
AU_BVA200S Auto Meter BVA-200S System Anal w/120 Amp Load $809.95
AU_BCT200J Auto Meter BCT-200J Electrical System Anal w/VDROP $1,245.95
AU_BVA2100 Auto Meter BVA-2100 Electrical System Anal w/VDROP $3,010.95
AU_BVA2100K Auto Meter BVA-2100K System Anal & ES-8 Stand $3,509.95
AU_BVA2100KP Auto Meter BVA-2100KP ES-8 Stand and AC-14 Printer $3,924.95
AU_BVA230 Auto Meter BVA-230 System Analyzer, w/PC connect $986.95
AU_BVA-260 Auto Meter BVA-260 System Analyzer AGM $1,349.95
AU_XTC150 Auto Meter XTC-150 Auto Tester and Fast Charger $2,076.95
AU_XTC160 Auto Meter XTC-160 Tester and Fast Charger AGM $2,965.85
AU_FAST530 Auto Meter FAST-530 Automatic Tester and Charger $4,879.95