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De-Mister Battery Additive ***Discount Coupon Available***

De-Mister Battery Additive ***Discount Coupon Available***

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Battery De-Mister® is a must for all New & Used Non-Sealed Batteries. Used by major industrial and commercial fleets for years (only available in 55 gallon drums) Battery De-Mister is now available to the general public in a 12 oz bottle.

Battery De-Mister® is a unique and patented inexpensive battery additive that when added to your new or existing battery will increase battery life, increase shelf life, eliminate corrosion, greatly reduces water consumption, explosion, toxic fumes and will help to keep your battery working under any condition from -50° to 400° Fahrenheit and is Guaranteed 100%. This product is a must for all truck, bus, RV, boat, golf cart, solar, scrubber, sweeper utility, tractor, car, motorcycle, lawn mower or any other new or used non-sealed lead acid battery.

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