Accepted Payments

Mayville Engineering Quadrex-Emodel Scissor Lift Battery

Model Quadrex- E model has a 48 volt system. Staab Battery offers several options that will fit this unit including maintenance free sealed batteries and some of the longest lasting deep cycle batteries on the market. Be aware some machines came from the factory with optional batteries so please confirm the dimensions and capacities of the batteries you are considering before placing your order. If you need any assistance with selecting the proper battery for your unit please contact us at 1-877-897-1226 and we will be happy to assist you.

Product Choices:

Code Name Price  
8C6V 8C6V $310.30
ST-105 Group 27DC Deep Cycle $119.60
J305E-AC Trojan J305E-AC Deep Cycle Battery $312.40
ST-130 Group 27DC Deep Cycle $125.60
J305P-AC Trojan J305P-AC Deep Cycle Battery $375.80
TR-SCS200 SCS200 Trojan Battery $254.60
GPL-27T-L Lifeline GPL-27T Deep Cycle Marine & RV Battery $406.50
J305H-AC Trojan J305H-AC Deep Cycle Battery $412.70