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Auto Meter DM-46 AC/DC Meter, High Resistance

Digital Display
3.75" LCD with 40 seg. bar graph

AC/DC Current
40A with 10ma Resolution, 0-150A with 100mA Resolution, 150-200A with 100mA Resolution

AC/DC Current Overload Protection

AC/DC Voltmeter Range
400mV-600V with a 1mV to 1V Resolution

1.5V with low battery indication.

4nF-40F with 1pF to 10nF Resolution

Capacitance Overload Protection
AC 600V

40-400 Ohms with .1 Ohm Resolution, Beeping <40.0 Ohms (approx.)

Continuity Overload Protection
AC 600V

400 Ohm with .1 Ohm Resolution, 4K Ohm with 1 Ohm Resolution, 40K Ohm with 10 Ohm Resolution, 400K Ohm with 100 Ohm Resolution, 4M Ohm with 1K Ohm Resolution, 40M Ohm with 10K Ohm Resolution

Resistance Protection Overload
AC 600V

-40F -1800F or -40C-1000C with 0.1 Resolution (Probe Included)

Temperature Overload Protection
AC 600V

The DM-46 is designed with the professional technician in mind. This compact 23mm (15/16) inductive clamp multimeters are designed to easily enclose small wires and yet are large enough to measure most large wires. You can easily measure computer memory draw, leakage currents and more with their large LCD readout. Also features a Hold button that freezes the current test parameter, and is sophisticated enough to perform a complete charging system analysis.
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