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Auto Meter BVA-2100 Electrical System Anal w/VDROP

6V & 12V Automotive, Marine, & Commercial Starting Batteries. 12V & 24V Starting and Charging Systems. 12V Cabling

6 Volt Tests
Battery Check and Load Test

12 Volt Tests
Battery Check and Load Test, Alternator Stator / Diodes & Regulation Test, Starter Draw Test.

24 Volt Tests
Alternator Stator / Diode & Regulation Test, Starter Draw Test

Battery CCA Range
200 - 1600 CCA

Automated Load
400 Amp

Alternator Test
Amperage Output and Regulated Voltage

Starter Draw Test

Last 300 Tests

Voltmeter Range
0 - 30 with 0.01 Resolution

Voltage Drop Test
Yes / Automated

Fan Cooled

Digital Display
128 x 240 Backlit LCD

Operational Temperature
0 - 120 Degrees F

Operational Humidity
0 - 85% non-condensing

English or Spanish

Internal Battery

Battery Voltage
6 & 12 Volt Batteries

J1708 Compatibility
Cable Options

Ripple Test

This is the ultimate battery and electrical system tester, incorporating Auto Meter's Advanced DPL Technology. The BVA-2100 can be used for both automotive and heavy-duty applications. Featuring our patented automated voltage drop technology, the BVA-2100 accurately pinpoints electrical system problems (battery, starter, alternator, wiring, and connections). Product firmware includes J1708 compatibility with optional J1708 cables.

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AU_AC10 Auto Meter AC-10 PC Cable, BCT-200J, BVA-2100 $62.40
AU_AC14 Auto Meter AC-14 Modular Internal IR Printer $572.10
AU_AC25 Auto Meter AC-25 6 Pin to 9 Pin Adapter $263.50
AU_AC26 Auto Meter AC-26 J1708 Cable for BCT200J, BVA2100 $477.70
AU_ES8 Auto Meter ES-8 Stand, BVA-2100, XTC-150, BVA-36 $571.80