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Auto Meter BusPro-662 6 Batt 5 Amps, 220V AGM

6 Station Charger - 220 Volt Input

Operational Temperature
1 - 120 Degrees F

Operational Humidity
0 - 85%

Battery Voltage
12 Volt (or 2x 6 Volt Batteries in Series)

Charging Station
6 AGM Optimized

Input Voltage
200 - 230 Volts AC

Output Amperage
0 - 5 Amps per Channel

Output Control

New 220 volt BusPro-662 model multi-station 5 amp smart chargers that are specifically optimized for use with AGM (Absorbant Glass Mat) Batteries. These completely automatic charging stations are ideal for fleets, shops, and parts stores due to the advanced new circuitry designs and controls specifically designed for the proper and safe charging and maintenance of AGM batteries which makes overcharge impossible. The flexible BusPro system has six 5 amp transformer stations which can be doubled up for quicker 10 amp charging to save time on the clock or split out to double the charger’s capacity at a lower 2.5 amp charge rate if bring up the charge on the batteries more slowly is desired. The charging current provided by each station is also micro-controlled and helps remove sulfation from batteries connected to the BusPro 662 unit.

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AU_AC8 Auto Meter AC-8 Lead Sets for BusPro's $167.60