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Yacht 4L-BS Battery


NOCO Genius G750 Charger
The NOCO Genius G750 is a smart, 5 Step, fully automatic switch-mode battery charger and maintainer. The G750 is best for small battery applications from .2-30 ah.

Use the right size charger
Power-Sport batteries are particularly sensitive to high charging rates. Do not use a 10 amp battery charger on less than 30 ah batteries. It is important to find a charger that will charge the battery sufficiently, and not inflict any damage. Overcharging will dry out the cells and shorten the life of your battery. Keep your battery healthy with the NOCO Genius G750. Perfect for Power-Sport applications, safety features include spark-proof, overcharge, short circuit and reverse polarity. Safely charges all types of batteries, MF, Conventional and SLA/AGM.

This is a Sealed Maintenance Free Battery. It comes dry with an enclosed acid bottle to activate the battery with. After filling install the sealing strip and your worries about keeping your battery full of water are over. Note: After activation do not remove the sealing strip and attempt to add water. Also enclosed are new bolts. Replaces Champion-4LBS, Delco-GT4L-BS, Energizer-2077610, GNB-4L-BS, GS-JSB-GT4L-BS, GS-ZYI-GTX4L-BS, Interstate-YTX4L-BS, Koyo-YT4L-BS, Motocross-M62X4B, Napa-740-1865, Power-Sonic-PTX4L-BS, Sears-44015, Wal-Mart-ES4LBS, Yacht-CT4L-BS, Yuasa-YTX4L-BS
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G750 G750 Genius Charger .75A (750mA) $29.95